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About Us

We are a business full of excitement and passion that wants to explain and promote a vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle. We set out with the desire to show vegans, those who want to be vegan, that such a lifestyle is actually not difficult at all...

We are here to help people who want or have adopted a cruelty-free, animal, environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle, and to ensure that they can easily access the products they need... We carefully research and select all the products we offer in order to provide you with an enjoyable, easy and ethical shopping opportunity.

Vegan Shop; is a completely independent vegan business founded by a vegan entrepreneur . It is an alternative shop specializing in vegan lifestyle and vegan products . We are proud of being the first and only store in Turkey that sells completely vegan products and leads the way.

We offer you only vegetarian/vegan, ecological/organic, nature and animal friendly products.
All varieties sold in our shop; It is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and anyone who wants to buy products of animal origin that have not been subjected to animal cruelty or animal testing. Those with various food allergies, especially lactose and gluten intolerance, can buy our products with peace of mind, and get detailed information by contacting us.


*Products containing animal-tested raw materials and products tested on animals.

*Products containing animal origin milk, dairy product, milk protein, lactose, casein

*Eggs and products containing eggs

*Products containing honey, beeswax, propolis, pollen

*GMO-containing products (we do not sell any varieties containing GMOs, not only in food products, but also in cosmetics and cleaning products!)

In order to offer you an ethical and safe shopping experience, we meticulously research, question and present our products to your liking. Every day, our product range is getting richer, multiplying and getting more colorful.

Please don't forget to visit our website or Instagram account often to follow our innovations and discounted products!

Ecolife, which has been serving as a vegetarian organic product shop since its establishment in 2004 and has a unique style, has grown with your interest, support and love, and as of 2012, it is 100% ethical vegan, offering products that are cruelty-free, against animal abuse and exploitation, and without animal testing. turned into a place. In this sense, it is the first VEGAN/ORGANIC PRODUCT SHOP in Turkey and Istanbul. The products in the Vegan Shop are meticulously chosen so that everyone, not just vegans and vegetarians, can consume them safely and with satisfaction. We invite you all to meet these beautiful and cruelty-free products...


If we can live a happy and healthy life without harming others, why don't we?