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Confidentiality Agreement

1- COMPANY: website, headquartered in Sıraselviler Cd. It has been prepared by the Vegan Shop Company (hereinafter referred to as the "Vegan Shop" or "Company") located at the address Soğancı Sk N:8/C Cihangir Beyoğlu , İstanbul.

A natural or legal person who connects to (“Site”) and displays any information, picture or publication on this address (hereinafter also referred to as “User” or “Users”).

This Confidentiality Agreement explains how Vegan Shop collects information and how it is used, and regulates the obligations of the Other Party. This Agreement applies only to the information collected on this Site and does not cover other sources.

From the moment the user connects to our Site, he is deemed to have accepted all the obligations in this contract and cannot claim that he does not know the matters regulated in this contract.

The website is open to everyone, and in order for the Users to be informed about the promotions and campaigns on the Site, they must approve the box created for this purpose in the relevant section of the Site and send a valid, up-to-date and verifiable "e-mail". It is enough to save their username with "address". Apart from this, it is voluntary to provide personal information and data to the website by the Users, and no other information is collected on the Site, except for the exceptions stated below.

Users' personal identity and data (identity information, name, address, age, telephone number or e-mail address…) are collected with the consent of the Users. User information may be collected when Users register on the Site, request information, make comments and suggestions, or participate in a promotional game, research, contest or campaign or otherwise. Giving personal information is entirely at the discretion of the Users. During the collection of your personal information, Users are given optional “yes” or “no” options.

- The "yes" option indicates that communication with the Users is not opposed and accepted, and when this option is checked, the Users can be contacted.

- It is the User's choice to mark both options. Users can choose "no" so that personal information is not shared at any time, and limit the sharing of personal information and communication with them. Posts made until that date are considered out of this scope.

- “no” options may be offered at any stage of information collection or during the communication process with Users.

- Users accept and declare that with the "no" option, they may not be able to participate in all or some of the activities on the Site or may cause limited participation.

- If required by law, search warrant, subpoena or court order, personal information and data of Users may be shared with relevant institutions and organizations for public safety or national security purposes, in order to defend the application of legal rights and links to legal process.

User personal information and data can be used in the following cases:
- Contests, Promotions, Campaigns and Information Requests:

It collects some of the personal information of the Users due to various transactions on the Site, to serve them better, to develop products and for other appropriate purposes. This collected information may also include information such as name-surname, address, age, gender, e-mail address, telephone number.

Behavior patterns of Site Users and their families can be determined and information about them can be used in new product development, production, distribution, marketing and advertisement of products. Whether or not to participate in the surveys on the Site is at the discretion of the Users.
-Information Services:

Users accept that Vegan Shop representatives can contact them using their personal information and data in order to request more information about Vegan Shop products, their questions and requests, to provide access to certain areas within the Site and to communicate with them about Site activities.

Personal information may also be used to provide Users with up-to-date information about product information and promotions.
-Non-Personal Information and Other Information:

Vegan Shop uses this information provided by the Users on the Site, some of which are collected due to technical obligations, for purposes such as the design of the Site, its sustainability, and the proper display of the pages on the site.

The Site also collects information such as the browser used, the operating system, the pages visited, the date and time of the visit, whether the Site has been visited by the Users before (via cookies).

Users can contact Vegan Shop via the address, telephone or e-mail indicated below in case of adding, correcting or updating the personal information on this site.

The privacy rights of children (under the age of 18) are highly valued by our company, Vegan Shop. This Site is managed in accordance with the regulations in Turkish legislation. If the Site Users are children, minor children must be supervised by their parents or an adult and obtain their permission and approval when providing their personal information to the Site. Information will not be requested from children under the age determined for participation in site activities in accordance with the regulations that are legally subject to the site. If it is determined that information has been collected from a child below the specified age limit, the child's personal information will not be kept in the Site database and will not be used unless the parents consent. Despite the consent of the parents, the child's participation in some activities may be limited. Parents can monitor, delete, change or refuse to collect and use further information about their children's personal information (child's name, address and e-mail address) by contacting the Vegan Shop via the contact information mentioned above.

In some cases when users log into the Site, the Site may automatically record some technical information such as non-personal IP address through "Cookie" technology. This information may include the type of Internet Browsers or computers of the Users, the domain address of Internet Service Providers, number of visits, duration and character preferences. The number of visitors to the site is followed cumulatively. Personal information of the Users is not included in this process. This information ensures that the Site remains up-to-date and that the Site can be shaped according to the interests of the Users. This non-personal information may be shared with Vegan Shop's subsidiaries, affiliates, business partners, advertisers (which can be used for advertising purposes according to your interests) and third parties. The use of "cookies" by the specified third parties is not subject to the provisions of this Confidentiality Agreement, but is subject to their own Confidentiality Agreement. Users can set to prevent the use of "cookies" on their computers or to give a warning if they are used.

Vegan Shop makes every effort to ensure the security of Users' personal information and data, but does not guarantee absolute information security. For this reason, Vegan Shop is not responsible for direct or indirect damages and losses arising from the loss, unauthorized use, misuse and alteration of User information and data.

This Site may contain links to other sites that do not belong to Vegan Shop. Vegan Shop cannot be held responsible for the content, products, services or privacy policies of these other sites, as they are not controlled by Vegan Shop.

For this reason, Users are deemed to bear all risks, such as their rights being violated, their computers infected by viruses, while downloading information or uploading material on these sites. It is the responsibility of the Users to carefully review and accept the terms of use and privacy policies of other sites.

Downloading information from these sites may result in the use of Users' personal information and data, damage to intellectual property rights, or infect their computers with viruses. When users leave this Site or connect to another website, they should read the privacy policy and terms and conditions of use of other sites. However, it is also the User's own responsibility to question the reliability of sites (including those linked to e-mail) that claim to be someone or similar to Vegan Shop.

These Terms of Use and all disputes that may arise directly and/or indirectly from the use and access of the website are subject to the Laws of the Republic of Turkey.

Accordingly, Turkish Laws will be applied and Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices will be authorized to resolve disputes, including the validity or existence of the Terms of Use. Users living in a country other than Turkey are entirely under their own responsibility to act in accordance with the laws to which they are subject.

During the period of the website, Vegan Shop may change hands or take over or transfer to another company or merge with another company. In this case, personal and non-personal information and data collected on the Site may be transferred to another Company.

Vegan Shop has the right to make changes on the Site and/or the Confidentiality Agreement without prior notice. For this reason, Users should be aware of the changes made by regularly reading the terms and conditions of this Confidentiality Agreement. All changes are valid from the moment they are uploaded to the site. By continuing to use this site, users who continue to access the Site are deemed to be aware of these changes and approve the changed terms and conditions.

Users can forward any comments, questions, complaints and suggestions about the Site to the Vegan Shop's address, telephone or e-mail address given below.